IT in Fashion

CAD has long got a place in Fashion but there is a new wave of information technology seeking to take a special place in fashion and in the way we look at fashion.

I want to list just a few of such instances:

  1. Social media: The likes of Pinterest and Instagram as a source of research for fashion design companies.
  2. IT companies in Fashion: Amazon now has it’s own fashion label called FIND and it’s recently dominating the retail sector of fashion in USA. Amazon and some small size companies are also increasing in Print-On-Demand online fashion.
  3. Blockchain and Crypto Technology: We are fast approaching a time when artists and fashion designers can imbed their unique digital signature into their work and the code follows the design wherever it goes. This will be a revolutionary breakthrough for fashion brands who wish to protect their work online and offline.
  4. 3D Printing: There may come a time very soon when 3d printers will accept real silk and wool as materials fed into them for printing. This technology is moving fast and will play a major role in print-on-demand/cut-on-demand fashion. But I’m interested in how it can help the designer from a production path to the retail floor.